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Been a while, eh?

 Whoa.  So, three years later, and what have I learned?

I started rewatching CSI: NY for the giggles - I'd just finished catching up on Criminal Minds, I have a lot of time on my hands, so I figured why not?

Except I quickly hit the same frustrating wall I did when watching the series as it aired: Lindsay.

Even if her character were better-written or better-performed, even if I actually felt there was some kind of chemistry between her and Danny, it would still be painful to watch them on screen together.  He tries hard to sell it but it's like he's emoting to a brick wall.  And her character does the kind of bitch move that would totally end a relationship for me - standing him up with no phone call?  Leaving town without even calling him?  Hawkes called her on that being cold and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know the two of them have a thing.

Well, since Sid knows Danny flirts with Lindsay, he may have his suspicions.  But that's just more evidence of exactly what I'm talking about: Danny flirts with Lindsay.  Lindsay doesn't flirt back, because she has no fucking personality except when she's bitching.

"Oh Danny, rescue me from having to deal with mourning mommies" becomes a pointless personal growth moment.  "It's the job, right?"  Yes.  Yes, Lindsay, it is your fucking job and you should never have tried to fob it off in the first place.  (Okay, technically criminalists don't do a lot of the stuff the CSIs do, like getting people to ID bodies, but they're also detectives so I guess it's weird/different in New York).

*Huffs*  Anyway, time to go grocery shopping in this terrible weather :C

if anyone still reads this....

Please tell me I'm not the only person who noticed the "sneak peek" for next week's CSINY episode announced Reed as "Detective Taylor's own son" when he's really Mac's dead wife's son?

*Mourns continuity*



My dog is dead.


*sighs*  I love my country.  I really, really, do.  But why the fuck did we "elect" this man?

Protests, and how the Bush Administration deals with them.
I have more than thirty mosquito bites.  And it's all libriscum's fault.  I told you they were flesh-eating insects.  Did you listen to me?

I thought it was chicken pox at first, there were sooooo many red things.

I haechu.

cat's fault part 2

again, this is totally cat's fault...

Comm Pimp - CSI slash roleplay

Pimping a Comm for slash roleplay of the various CSI shows.

Jul. 15th, 2007

Ok, this amuses me.

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Not because of the rating. Because it based this rating on how many times I used three words - hell (3), rape (2), and CRAP (1) of all things.

I think it couldn't read my f-locked entries, or my cuts, sooo....pretty limiting ^.^
Got all my sites sited and printed. Gonna write the paper...soonish. I think I'll read some Sun Also.